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Confessions of a Prison Chaplain by Mary Brown

Waterside Press £12.99

The publisher Waterside Press describes Mary Brown’s book as follows:

Confessions of a Prison ChaplainMary Brown’s engaging book describes the ‘lifeline’ work of the prison chaplaincy. Written by a Quaker chaplain, it shows how important to prisoners this contact is and how it blends into the ever-pressing world of prison regimes. Among the topics covered are the ‘statutory duties’ of chaplains, forgiveness, ‘prison chapel goers’, Christmas in prison, delivering bad news, dealing with grief or anxiety, learning in prisonand restorative justice (which is in line with the teachings of many faiths: as old as religion itself). As the author insists, there is ‘that of God’ to be found in everyone no matter what their crime. Critical, perceptive and of particular interest to people working in or learning about crime and punishment, Confessions of a Prison Chaplain contains insights for people of all faiths (or none); looks at restorative justice and positive justice; and re-affirms the importance of pastoral support in the reform and rehabilitation of prisoners.

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