Meeting Notes September 2017

We are living in uncertain times, with people round the world facing a variety of threats. John Wilkinson’s Service in September was gently and humourously bracing, reminding us in hymns, song and readings of the power of love to help us that we are not alone, but can support one another in difficult times.
Jean Macmaster’s Reflection in Swindon was a Flower Communion. After we had created a beautiful and colourful arrangement from our very varied flowers Jean read this prayer, composed by herself:
Each unique flower and leafy stem in this vase is at a certain stage in its natural growth cycle.  
Each unique person in this room is at a certain stage on life’s journey.
We value and celebrate the beauty of these flowers and leaves,
and the particular way in which we have arranged them togeher.
We value and celebrate one another,
with all the qualities and life experiences which we bring to our time together.
May our fellowship and shared reflection be life-affirming,
and help to restore and sustain one another for the journey ahead.
The flowers continued to delight our eyes as Miles Howarth led us into an informal exploration of how well the Fellowship’s affirmations still reflect members’ views. We worked hard to pin down meanings and suggestions were noted for future reference.

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