Meeting Notes October 2017

Following on from his previous Service with its theme of love John Wilkinson examined faith. He suggested that faith was something very strong, yet not immutable. The only reason we should be likely to change our faith would be if we found it to be untrue. One example was the myth of Adam and Eve which, via a talking snake (surely not) brings Eve to transgress in a way which dooms her descendants to hell unless they are redeemed through the Atonement. Questioning the original faith led to the position Unitarians generally hold: we alone must take responsibility for our misdeeds. This led to an exchange of moments when our faith – in someone or something – had turned out to be shaken and therefore changed. All our hymns were of course from Sing Your Faith – where else?
Kath Ryder began our Swindon meeting with a Reflection on peace, drawing on poems and meditations from a Unitarian anthology which spoke of the personal and political values in peace. We then turned to the first two questions Camila Garces-Bovett had given us. How would we describe Unitarianism to someone who had not heard of it? What was our life’s journey to Unitarianism? A fascinating and worthwhile discussion.

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