Meeting Notes November 2017

The Fellowship’s November meeting was a welcome to Kath Forder as she took her first Service as our Lay Pastor. Kath recounted how her introduction to Unitarians was chance, and came about largely because her parents, looking for a Sunday School, saw Unitarians as better than the alternative. Kath clearly took on a store of memories from Sunday School, and while as a young adult she ceased going to church she later returned. An attraction for her was the inclusivity of Unitarian thought. At this Service too David Taylor played for us for the last time, retiring as our pianist after almost thirty seven years.  Fortunately David continues to be an active member.


At our November meeting in Swindon Miles Howarth’s opening Reflection drew inspiration from Remembrance Sunday. We thought of those who sacrificed life or health for what they thought right, both then and in more recent dangers, natural and man-made. He looked at how we each have been benefited by others, possibly strangers. How might we prepare ourselves to respond to situations, whether dangerous or not, where we see a need to do what we believe to be right? To help us Miles gave brief quotations from four Unitarian sources. Our discussion of Camila’s questions on how being a Unitarian affects our lives followed very naturally. Do we choose to join a Unitarian community because we have certain values and ways of thinking already? (Maybe – but should we be alert to the need to be open to other ways too?) Do we do what we do because we are Unitarians? (Hmm .. others do similar things. How important are labels?) Is being a member of a Unitarian community supportive? (Support comes in many guises). This was again a rich and honest meeting. We were glad to welcome Kath Forder for her first visit.

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