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Meeting Notes October 2017

Following on from his previous Service with its theme of love John Wilkinson examined faith. He suggested that faith was something very strong, yet not immutable. The only reason we should be likely to change our faith would be if we found it to be untrue. One example was the myth of Adam and Eve which, via a […]

Meeting Notes September 2017

We are living in uncertain times, with people round the world facing a variety of threats. John Wilkinson’s Service in September was gently and humourously bracing, reminding us in hymns, song and readings of the power of love to help us that we are not alone, but can support one another in difficult times. Jean Macmaster’s Reflection in […]

Service Notes May & June 2017

Cressida Pryor took an unusual Service on May 7, built around the Celtic spirituality of John O’Donohue the Irish poet, author, priest and philosopher.  Our thanks to Cressida for this interesting and informative service. Please note that our next Service, on Sunday June 4, will be a Flower Communion and Membership Service taken by Rev […]

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