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Welcome to the Stroud & Swindon Unitarians website! Our members welcome all who share a liberal and inclusive approach to religion. The fellowship shares a minister, Mark Hutchinson, with congregations in Cheltenham, Gloucester and Evesham.


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For centuries people who saw God as one, a unity, rather than a trinity, were called unitarian. The principal difference between what became the Unitarian movement and traditional Christian denominations is that Unitarians unite around values rather than a set of beliefs. See object.

While the teachings of jesus remain an important touchstone, Ministers & Lay Leaders usually include references to wisdom from other religions and secular insights in their services. Unitarian congregations are independent, but assent to the Object of The Genereal Assembley of unitarian and Free Christian Churches (GA). Representatives of congregations come together once a year at the GA’s annual meeting. The UK Unitarian website provides information about Unitarians history, literature and activities nationally. See www.unitarian.org.uk