Meeting Notes February 2019

Having wished Mark well on his Chinese holiday we welcomed Kath Forder to take our February Service. Kath noted several important anniversaries, dwelling especially on the events of the Civil Rights campaign in America and the death of Unitarian Minister James Reeb. This brought back memories for Miles and myself. Miles had briefly met Martin Luther King Junior and his father Rev Martin Luther King while on a Unitarian tour. We have both had conversations with Unitarian Minister Orloff Muller about the march during which he and James Reeb and others were attacked. Kath’s Service reminded us of the history of those times and her readings and hymns highlighted the continuing relevance to us all of the importance of engaging with people and ideas that stretch our experience.
Catherine Day led our Swindon meeting on February 17 when we considered aspects of love. Catherine asked a number of questions which opened up some interesting avenues. Can love be seen? Is love necessary for creativity? Does pity arise from love or guilt? Is there any love in artificial intelligence?

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