These Affirmations express the principles we share as a Fellowship. We use them at our Membership Services.

1. We perceive that the universe has an underlying order and unity and we offer an open and inclusive approach to the many ways in which humankind seeks to understand the ultimate nature of that reality.

2. We value life in its many forms, and affirm the unique worth and potential of each individual human being.

3. We cherish the freedom to work out and express spiritual matters for ourselves, searching for truth according to our understanding and experience, continually examining its implications and ready to accept wherever it may lead.

4. As the spiritual life thrives best when shared with others, we meet regularly in fellowship:-

  • to develop our spiritual awareness of ourselves, of each other, and of the wholeness of reality within which we exist
  • to learn from the spiritual and intellectual treasury of humanity as recorded in the major religions of the world and in philosophy and the sciences, and to share with each other our own unique spiritual visions
  • to share in worship our common values such as truth, beauty, wonder, reverence, joy, justice, freedom, tolerance and reason
  • to support and encourage each other in our journeys through life and to share our common responsibility of loving care and concern for the wider human family of which we are members.

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