Some Useful Links – The National Website of the General Assembly of Unitarian & Free Christian Churches.  For more information about Unitarianism in general and about the denomination nationwide. – The website of the National Unitarian Fellowship. a useful forum for Unitarians to get together on-line. – The website of Unitarian TV. Here you can watch videos of Unitarian services and a wealth of other material of Unitarian interest.  – The website of our nearest neighbours, Bayshill Unitarian Church in Cheltenham. – The website of the Nightingale Centre, the Unitarian Retreat & Conference centre in the Peak District.

A Vision for Our Future – the document produced as a result of the 2014 Vision Day.

Downloadable Leaflets

In addition to A Faith Worth Thinking About the following leaflets on Unitarianism are also available to download in pdf format:

Your First Time at a Unitarian Service? What to Expect

Unitarian Views of God

Unitarian Views of Jesus

Unitarian Views of Nature

Namings and Welcomings

Weddings and Blessings

Funeral and Memorial Services

Safe and Sound – The GA Safeguarding Policy

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