Meeting Notes March/April 2018

Owing to the bad weather in March both services at Cirencester and Swindon had to be cancelled.

Our Easter Service on April 1st was taken by Kath Forder. Kath used the coincidence of Easter falling on April Fools’ Day to good effect, reminding us that in ages past one of the roles of the Fool was to speak the truth to the King. Others doing the same would risk severe penalties or death. Jesus had no role as a fool and knew the risks to which his teaching exposed him. Kath suggested that we cannot know what actually happened after the crucifixion, but somehow Jesus’ dangerous teaching survived his death. The Service was followed by the AGM, chaired by Peter Godfrey.

At our meeting on April 15th at Swindon Friends’ Meeting House. Miles Howarth gave a Reflection on gratitude. Kath Ryder then invited comments on the chapter in David Usher’s book Life Spirit  on suffering and evil. We did not relate this back to the Easter story, though some issues that we raised would have been relevant. We found ourselves looking at things now from our experience and now from a more philosophical or religious point of view.  We came to realise that we should not generalise. Distressing situations of all kinds may be experienced differently by different people. Many factors can affect how we respond to them.

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