Meeting Notes May 2018

At our Service on May 6th we looked at what Jesus meant when he said in the Sermon on the Mount that the meek were blessed. It was suggested that another word for what was intended was gentle, and that Jesus was encouraging people to overcome the angry or aggressive side of their nature. This certainly seemed to fit far better with the tenor of passage in Matthew’s Gospel. In our hi tec world some concepts need rethinking. Workers are being replaced by robots because robots are cheaper, reducing the National Insurance payable and at the same time potentially  increasing unemployment. Should employers be asked to pay National Insurance when they use robots? Certainly thought provoking.
May 20th: Kath Ryder’s Opening Reflection was on the theme of friendship, looking forward to the account Miles and Jane Howarth were to give of the recent General Assembly Annual Meetings. Friendship certainly came out strongly in the Opening Ceremony, led by members of BUYAN, the British Unitarian Young Adult Network. A wealth of societies and organisations are affiliated to the GA and opportunities for face to face meetings of their members are rare.
The Annual Meetings provide a wonderful opportunity for members to come together and for non-members to see what the societies have to offer. Together with the formal business and the debates leading to Resolutions, some stimulating invited speakers, the Anniversary Service and an Abba Tribute evening time and energy needed to be elastic.

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