Meeting Notes June & July 2019

Our Membership Service in June was entitled ‘Serving the Future’. As often happens in Cirencester, time constraints put pressure on both the Service and the subsequent consideration of what affirmation of membership we felt happy with. The July Service felt more relaxed and benefited from some of Mark’s own introductory words. The Service focused on relationship and Mark included an opportunity to light candles of joy and concern. We were delighted to be joined by Lesley Harris of Evesham congregation. The surprise of the day for Miles and myself was to be presented with a beautiful and colourful bouquet of flowers to mark our Golden Wedding.
In Swindon in June a thoughtful Reflection was given  before Miles Howarth introduced the knotty issue of self interest. To what extent should we sacrifice our interests for the interests of others? Situations arise all the time that pose this question in small ways and larger, and I found it helpful to be able to think about them with others. In July Jane Howarth gave a Reflection that included Mark’s perceptive poem In recognition of the artist formerly known as God from his anthology ‘The Time Is’ before we considered together the many faceted subject of holes and gaps. Mozart considered the rests in a piece of music highly important.  This discussion was far from insubstantial, even if it did allude to that old song ‘There’s a hole in my bucket …’

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