Meeting Notes August & September 2019

Mark’s September Service was on ‘Trust’, an appropriate theme as we had a visitor who was clearly willing to take us on trust, at least for this one Service. There were a number of moments during the Service which illustrated how important trust can be even is small ways. By using three responsive readings during the Service he invited us to trust that we would be in sympathy with the words, although he offered us the option to listen without joining in.  The Service explored the value of being able to trust ourselves and our beliefs, and the value of a community of folk who we can trust, and who support values dear to us.

David Taylor led our September Reflection with three readings that between them contrasted the evolutionary, developmental view of life, relying on a clear timeframe, with a poetic evocation timelessness. This was followed by an exploration of the theme of love. The root of the Hebrew word for love means to give, and the classic Jewish meaning of love is what should be given to God and our neighbour. Jesus’ teachings widened this to people from beyond our own community. The Greeks appear to have had as many words for love as the Innuit have for snow. But what do we mean by the word now, and how can one word fit so many situations? For me Jean Macmaster’s poem provided twenty answers, practical, down to earth and inspiring

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